Motivated to Stay Clean

Julia was 16 when she started using drugs and 20 when she turned to PCP. Her addiction nearly cost Julia her memory and her family. She lost custody of both of her children for about 15 months. Now 30, Julia has been clean for more than a year, and she has her children back at home.

The turning point, says Julia, was entering the Jackson County Drug Court and receiving treatment from Heartland Center. Julia was sentenced to the drug court program after receiving a drug possession charge.

“I was bitter, and I was mad when I came into the drug court, but it changed my entire attitude about being clean and sober,” says Julia. “They worked with me step by step.”

Julia says the judge and counselor motivated her to stay clean – this time, for good.

“I always felt like I could heal by myself but I couldn’t,” she says. “If you’ve been struggling with drugs, I recommend Heartland Center. God knows where I’d be right now without it.”

Julia is now looking for a job and taking college courses.

“I’m just trying to improve my life,” she says.