Heartland Center Heroes


Donna: Getting clean and paying it forward

For Donna, the best part about being clean is being a good mother, daughter and wife. That hasn’t always been the case.
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Sherri and Todd

Sherri and Todd: Saved by a strong belief in
themselves and their family

For Todd, drinking was a family tradition. He got his first beer from his dad when he was 8. Sherri had tried cocaine, marijuana, crack, LSD and speed by the time she was 16.
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Kathy: Dancing on the edge

Kathy dropped out of high school when she was 16, got married, got pregnant while she was on meth and gave birth to a son with Tourette Syndrome because of it.
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Tony: Losing hope and his family, and finding them both again

There are no stereotypical meth users. Tony has multiple college degrees and is an accomplished chef, and yet he almost lost everything, including his life.
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Valda: Driven by an inner faith

Valda’s faith and quiet confidence create a glow about her. One would never know that her life has been full of the kinds of hardships that many of us can’t begin to imagine.
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Charles: Rebuilding a life after prison

It was raining the night Charles lost his life. He didn’t die, but part of him wished he had, for he would spend the next 15 years in prison.
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