Getting Clean and Paying It Forward

For Donna, the best part about being clean is being a good mother, daughter and wife. That hasn’t always been the case. Donna used to be addicted to crack-cocaine — an addiction that landed her in prison twice.

While serving time, she received a letter from her daughter who said she’d no longer call her “mother.”

“That hurt,” says Donna.

Despite the pain, Donna started using again once she was out of prison, violating her parole. That’s when Heartland Center for Behavioral Change stepped in to help. Donna’s treatment plan and the dedication of her counselors helped her get clean – and stay that way. Donna is now married and working on her relationship with her children.

“My life is so much different,” says Donna. “It used to just be me and my drug. Now it’s all about my family.” She also helps facilitate group recovery meetings, making coffee and cleaning up afterwards — anything to help pay it forward to others in need. “I’ve received a lot of blessings,” says Donna. “I never thought I’d be clean.”