Court Services

One of the most successful approaches in assisting individuals whose substance abuse problem has progressed to involvement in the legal system is the drug court model. A key component of this model is integration of treatment and the justice system, with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and treatment professionals working as a team to assist participants in overcoming their struggle with substance use. As the treatment provider, the Heartland Center is a team member in the Jackson County Drug Court, Polk County Drug Court and Greene County Drug Court. Treatment is provided at various levels of intensity and requires a minimum of 12 to 18 months participation for successful completion.

Additional Court Mandated Services:


Heartland Center also provides services to people referred by local municipal and circuit courts. These services include:

  • Supervised Private Probation
  • Driver Improvement Program (with point waiver)
  • Drug Awareness Class (8 hours)
  • Shoplifting Diversion (4 hours)
  • Anger Control/Domestic Violence (12 weeks)
  • Electronic Monitoring/Home Detention
  • Individual Evaluations and Counseling
  • Victim Impact Panel
  • Urinalysis Testing