How We Help

At Heartland Center, we know that resisting the urge to drink or use drugs is not easy, even when the pain and loss is great. But by resolving to let go and ask for help, you can recover from addiction and reclaim your life. We’ve helped thousands of others do it. It all begins with your decision to call us. When you do, we will tailor a program to meet your individual needs. We can help you deal with the physical, emotional and social difficulties of early sobriety, and help you to plan for a life free of alcohol or drugs.

Our Treatment Philosophy

At Heartland Center, we believe that every individual who suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol needs professional help at the earliest possible stage. Medical research indicates that alcoholism and addiction to other drugs is a progressive disease that has no favorites. Finding professional help as soon as possible makes it possible to manage the disease before the disease destroys you and those you love.


Treating the Whole Person

We believe that because the disease impacts the whole person, the whole person must be treated. To support our “whole person” approach, we rely on the most current methods available to stop the compulsive nature of the disease. This includes making medication assistance available to stop the cravings that overwhelm those who become addicted.

Tailoring Treatment to Each Unique Client

Drug and alcohol addiction affects individuals regardless of age, education, race/ethnicity, gender, occupation or socio-economic status. Every client is different, so addiction treatment needs to be different and relevant for each client. Treating each individual based on his or her unique needs requires understanding these needs, the associated triggers and personal challenges. Because each person has a unique background, circumstance and risk factors, we believe that treatment must be uniquely tailored to each individual. No single addiction treatment method is going to be appropriate or effective for everyone.  There is no “one size fits all” solution to drug and alcohol addiction. At Heartland Center, we comprehensively assess the needs of each person, and develop individual, goal-oriented rehabilitation plans that are relevant to the needs of the specific client we are treating.

Individuals progress through treatment at various rates, so there is no pre-determined length of treatment. Research has shown that the best treatment outcomes result when the length of treatment corresponds to the needs of each client. But, because alcohol and drug addiction are chronic, relapsing disorders, continued support is essential after any initial course of treatment.


Building Positive, Honest Relationships

We believe in the healing power of collaborative and empowering relationships. We know the “therapeutic relationship” is one of the most important components of any successful addiction treatment plan. Our practice of acceptance, respect and compassion toward all instills trust in our clients and fosters the level of openness and honesty required to achieve recovery. We understand that without trust and honesty, overcoming any addiction is nearly impossible. Our goal is to build a positive relationship from the time our clients begin our program and continue to maintain this relationship throughout their recovery journey.

Instilling Ownership

We also continually encourage and empower clients to take full responsibility for their own attitudes, behaviors and choices, thereby actively participating in their own recovery. We believe this ownership goes a long way in the recovery process, and people who have a more active role in their recovery, are more likely to be successful in their recovery over the long-term.