Substance Abuse Treatment Program Manager


This is administrative and management work that involves managing, planning, analyzing and coordinating the activities of a substance abuse treatment program. The Program Manager is responsible for directing and coordinating a comprehensive treatment program for adults who suffer from substance abuse problems or addiction. Work includes managing a program in compliance with legal requirements and regulations. Duties include developing internal operating procedures, implementing policies and procedures, managing program activities, supervising staff, and ensuring that effective services are provided. Considerable effort is directed at maintaining compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements including accreditation and certification requirements. Direction is received from an administrative superior who reviews work through conferences, reports and evaluation of operational results; however, the employee is expected to exercise considerable initiative and judgment in planning and carrying out assignments and has program management and decision making authority.


1. A physician, registered nurse or mental health professional licensed in Missouri with at least one (1) year of experience in the treatment of persons with substance use disorders


2. Certified or registered as a substance abuse professional by the Missouri Substance Abuse Counselors’ Certification board, Inc.


3. Prior successful supervisory experience.

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