Program Manager – Liberty


This is administrative and management work that involves managing, planning, analyzing and coordinating the activities of a substance abuse treatment program. The Program Manager is responsible for directing and coordinating a comprehensive treatment program for adults who suffer from substance abuse problems or addiction. Work includes managing a program in compliance with legal requirements and regulations. Duties include developing internal operating procedures, implementing policies and procedures, managing program activities, supervising staff, and ensuring that effective services are provided. Considerable effort is directed at maintaining compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements including accreditation and certification requirements.
Direction is received from an administrative superior who reviews work through conferences, reports and evaluation of operational results; however, the employee is expected to exercise considerable initiative and judgment in planning and carrying out assignments and has program management and decision making authority


Work may include, but is not limited to, the following examples:

1. Remains alert during working hours; attends work as scheduled, and complies with attendance policies.

2. Provides direction and leadership in the overall planning, development and administration of a program designed to assist persons suffering from substance abuse problems and/or addiction.

3. Supervises work of others to achieve compliance with requirements of contracts, grants and cooperative agreements with federal, state, and local organizations.

4. Selects, trains, directs, assigns, reviews and evaluates the work of staff to ensure that work is efficiently and effectively performed.

5. Develops and implements internal operating procedures.

6. Reviews and evaluates programs as part of a continuous quality improvement effort.

7. Prepares and presents budget request to administrative superiors.

8. Monitors staff productivity, revenue and expenditures according to budget allocations and recommends and/or initiates revenue enhancing and/or cost saving measures.

9. Serves as an agency representative to state, local and community organizations and other interested groups pertaining to services for persons with substance abuse problems. Works with public, private, and community organizations and agencies to improve and effectively coordinate services for clients.

10. Conducts investigations, institutes special studies, and prepares and/or reviews reports and related information to evaluate policies, procedures and practices related to assigned programs.

11. Participates in conferences, training sessions and meetings related to areas of assigned responsibility.


Thorough knowledge of therapeutic principles and practices applicable to work with persons suffering from substance abuse problems

Considerable knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, standards and certification requirements pertaining to operation of substance abuse programs in the State of Missouri

Considerable knowledge of managerial techniques and administrative practices

Knowledge of budgeting

Ability to review, analyze, an interpret Federal and state laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures
Ability to develop, implement and administer assigned treatment programs and services to achieve positive consumer or program outcomes

Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with agency officials, staff, associates, state and local officials

Ability to analyze and evaluate operations, formulate and implement appropriate procedures

Ability to communicate effectively

Ability to provide leadership and supervision to professional, technical and related program staff

Ability to develop short and long range plans that meet established objectives and contribute to overall goals and mission of the agency


1. A physician, registered nurse or mental health professional licensed in Missouri with at least one (1) year of experience in the treatment of persons with substance use disorders


2. Certified or registered as a substance abuse professional by the Missouri Substance Abuse Counselors’ Certification board, Inc.


3. Prior successful supervisory experience


No candidate may be considered for employment who is, or has been for the past two (2) years under the supervision of Federal, State, County or Municipal Corrections Department nor have any pending felony or misdemeanor charges other than minor traffic charges.

Driving may be required for this position. The successful candidate must have and remain in possession of a valid current driver’s license, automobile insurance, and be insurable under the agency’s motor vehicle insurance policy.

All candidates for employment must meet the established minimum qualifications for employment as identified by the applicable regulatory agencies.

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