This dynamic Office Assistant position involves a variety of tasks requiring an in depth knowledge of all
HCBC programs. This critical position will be responsible for all first line communication with both our
internal and external customers directing them to the appropriate recipient. The Office Assistant role
requires professionalism and courtesy in what may be challenging and confidential conversations. The
position will include some basic accounting functions such as accounts receivable and self-pay
collections. Clerical duties consisting of compiling and maintaining grievance logs and critical incident
reports, mail distribution, correspondence and training materials. Work is provided under the general
supervision of a superior; however the employee works independently within established guidelines.

Examples of Work

Work may include, but is not limited to, the following examples:
1. Provides a high level of customer service. Established an effective professional rapport with
consumers and guests and receives positive consumer satisfaction reports and positive response
from consumers.
2. Brings a positive and knowledgeable approach to communication with customers and remains
alert and sensitive to the work environment.
3. Answers all incoming calls by the third ring. Initially may use a script to respond to inquiries but
over time will develop organizational program expertise and will be able to direct and respond
to all inquiries. Directs calls to appropriate staff members or programs.
4. Serves as a receptionist or information clerk; determines purpose of contact; provides general
information; directs individuals to proper destinations; receives and distributes messages and
ensures there is follow up if needed.
5. Will receive specialized training in handling emergency contact situations and the processing of
911 calls from all sites for HCBC.
6. Perform other related work, as assigned.

Examples of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
1. Knowledge of office practices, procedures, and equipment.
2. Knowledge of computer systems and software. Basic keyboarding necessary.
3. Effective interpersonal skills.
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
5. Skills in time management and organization.
6. Ability to establish and/or maintain moderately complex records; use coding and filing systems;
and retrieve and compile data.
7. Ability to use spreadsheets and reports related to calls made/received.

Requirements of the Job
On the job the employee must:
( X ) Bend ( ) Walk ( X ) Sit ( X ) Push/pull ( ) Squat ( ) Stand ( ) Crawl ( ) Climb ( X ) Use fine finger movements ( X ) Handle Objects ( X ) Reach above shoulder level ( ) Kneel ( ) Other

On the job the employee must:
( X ) Read/Comprehend ( X ) Write ( X ) Perform Calculations ( X ) Communicate Orally ( X ) Reason and analyze ( ) Other

On the job the employee must:
( ) Is exposed to excessive noise ( ) Is around moving machinery ( ) Is exposed to mark changes in
temperature and/or humidity ( X ) Is exposed to dust, fumes, gases, radiation, microwave ( ) Works in confined quarters

Must carry/lift loads of:
( x ) Light (up to 25 lbs)

Key Performance Indicators
Customer service
a. Prompt call handling – 90% of incoming calls are answered by the third ring and do not
roll over to voicemail.
b. Courteous call handling – 100% of calls are answered courteously as measured by
customer satisfaction surveys.


1. Possession of a high school diploma or GED certificate
2. Three (3) years’ secretarial, office clerical, professional or receptionist experience.
Vocational/technical training from an accredited vocational or business school in Office
management, Secretarial Science, or a closely related area may substitute on a year for year basis
for required experience.

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