Assistant Shift Supervisor


 This is responsible security work at a residential center for offenders.   The assistant shift supervisor relieves and assists the supervisor in maintaining the order, safety, and security of the residential program, following internal operating procedures. S/he is expected to implement the security practices by supervising security officers.  The assistant supervisor relieves or assists in providing appropriate instruction and assistance to officers who conduct activities that include: searches, counts, control of movement, monitoring resident behavior, implementing a behavior management system, verifying the location of residents as required, preparing reports, and the administration of the breathalyzer and urinalysis testing program. This position is expected to work independently, under the general supervision of the shift supervisor.


  • Relieves the shift supervisor and assumes responsibility for the shift as directed in the following examples, work may include, but is not limited to, the following examples:
  • Remains alert during working hours; attends work as scheduled, and complies with attendance policies.
  • Directs and supervises security officers during an assigned shift of duty.
  • Ensures that all required procedures are appropriately implemented and that assigned officers are performing assigned duties.
  • Coordinates offender accountability program during assigned shift, ensuring that all requirements are completed and recorded properly: searches, breathalyzer/drug testing, verification of offender locations, sign in/out logs, counts, medication controls, and other defined processes.
  • Conducts a shift briefing with assigned officers prior to the shift and passes on important information.
  • Trains and supervises as assigned
  • Monitors attendance of assigned officers. Takes appropriate action to ensure sufficient staff coverage at all times. Ensures shift is properly manned.
  • Coordinates formal resident counts and ensures that all residents are accounted for during shift. Records results of all counts. Notifies supervisor and appropriate officials when a resident cannot be located or accounted for. Prepares appropriate documenting reports.
  • Ensures that all offender rule infractions are documented in disciplinary reports and that all reports are prepared in a timely and complete manner.
  • Ensures that assigned security staff complies with the agency Code of Conduct and Standards established in contracts. Immediately reports integrity violations.
  • Reviews and supervises work of subordinate staff through regular inspections, audits, and by observation and review of records, ensuring that all security assignments on shift are achieved.
  • Compiles information and prepares shift reports ensuring that all required work was completed. Takes appropriate corrective action when work is not performed in accordance with requirements.
  • Reports any breaches of security to immediate supervisor or other administrator and takes appropriate action to protect safety of others. Ensures that critical incident reports are completed in a timely and complete manner before officers are relieved of duty.
  • Takes necessary action in cases of security violations as required in the rules and regulations.
  • Implements emergency procedures, when necessary.
  • Attends meetings and trainings as required.
  • Maintains confidentiality appropriately.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned.


  • Knowledge of security practices
  • Working knowledge of offender accountability program
  • Organizational skills and the ability to multi-task
  • Skill in identifying and resolving managerial problems such as work assignments, employee relations, employee development and morale
  • Ability to implement detailed procedures through others
  • Ability to train, supervise, and evaluate Security Officers
  • Ability to operate security equipment
  • Ability to exercise a high degree of initiative and judgment and to act quickly and responsibly in an emergency situation
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, other agency personnel, law enforcement agencies, and the general public
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both through oral and written communications


  •  Possession of a high school diploma or GED; AND
  •   Two (2) years experience in military, civilian security, law enforcement, or relevant work in the field of Corrections.


 No candidate may be considered for employment who is, or has been for the past two (2) years under the supervision of Federal, State, County or Municipal Corrections Department nor have any pending felony or misdemeanor charges other than minor traffic charges.

Driving may be required for this position. The successful candidate must have and remain in possession of a valid current driver’s license, automobile insurance, and be insurable under the agency’s motor vehicle insurance policy.

All candidates for employment must meet the established minimum qualifications for employment as identified by the applicable regulatory agencies.

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