The accounts payable clerk is responsible for the payment of goods and services purchased by the organization, as well as being responsible for the receipt and accounting of funds being paid to the organization. This role also serves as an auditor, ensuring that invoices are accurate and that proper accounting procedures are followed for the purchasing and payment of goods and services and the to account for the receipt of payment for goods and services completed by the organization. This position is expected to work independently, under the general supervision of the Chief Financial Officer.


Work may include, but is not limited to, the following examples:
1. Reviews all invoices for appropriate documentation and approval prior to payment.
2. Prints and obtains signatures on all accounts payable checks.
3. Distributes signed checks as required.
4. Prepares garnishment checks per reports from payroll.
5. Acts as liaison between corporate and branch accounts payable departments.
6. Answers all vendor inquiries.
7. Maintains all accounts payable reports, spreadsheets and corporate accounts payable files.
8. Assists corporate financial officers and branch personnel as necessary.
9. Prepares cleared checks for storage.
10. Assembles and processes overnight shipments to branches.
11. Assists in monthly closings.
12. Prepares analysis of accounts, as required.
13. Performs filing and coping.


Knowledge of accepted accounting practices and principles
Knowledge of accepted accounting practices and principles
Knowledge and experience of related computer applications, (word, excel).
Knowledge of auditing practices and principles
Attention to detail and accuracy
Skill in preparing complete and accurate documents
Skill in problem analysis
Skill in preparing spreadsheets and reports
Ability to enter information into an automated database with a high degree of accuracy and speed
Ability to proofread detailed materials for accuracy and completeness
Ability to work with numbers to avoid errors and recognize errors made by others
Ability to use 10 key calculator
Ability to develop and maintain accurate, legible, organized records, and to prepare timely reports
Ability to plan and organize working time effectively and to meet deadlines
Ability to communicate effectively, both through oral and written communications
Ability to quickly adapt to specific office practices with speed and accuracy
Ability to maintain a high standard of ethical conduct; exhibit honesty, integrity and ethical behavior
Ability to work harmoniously with employees, applicants, recipients, and the general public
Ability to handle confidential information appropriately
Ability to meet the physical demands of the position with or without corrective devices


1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in accounting or
related field


2. Two (2) years’ experience with management of financial systems and budgets, financial reporting, financial data analysis, auditing


Successful work experience in using the Sage ACCPAC general ledger system or similar software are preferred


No candidate may be considered for employment who is, or has been for the past two (2) years under the supervision of Federal, State, County or Municipal Corrections Department nor have any pending felony or misdemeanor charges other than minor traffic charges.

All candidates for employment must meet the established minimum qualifications for employment as identified by the applicable regulatory agencies.

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